Steve-O’s Bar and Grill

Home of our Famous Chicken Wings



Monday – Trivia Night starting at 7pm

Tuesday– Meat Raffle at 6pm and Dart Tournaments at 7:30pm

Wednesday– Meat Raffle at 5pm and Karaoke at 10pm

Thursday – Dart Tournament at 7pm

Saturday– Meat Raffle a 5pm and Karaoke at 9pm

Sunday– Bingo at 6pm

Viking Game Specials

Bucket of Beer – Choice of 5

Corona, Cornoa Premium,

White Claw Raspberry/Black Cherry/ Mango

Skol Shots

$4 – UV Vodka/Redbull

$3 – Captain White

$1 – Jello Shots


Gift Certificate Boards Per Quarter

Free Jello Shots For Every Viking Touchdown

Hosted by Rachel

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